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Need An Alternative To Junior Librarian?

Peninsula QuickTrack for Schools is the solution.

Library Software That's Low Cost, But Powerful And Easy To Use.

"Simple to setup, we could even get our data from Junior Librarian."

Simple To Use, Low Cost And Powerful

QuickTrack Pro for Schools comes complete, and runs on your own schools computer not in the cloud.
Easy for both adults and children to use, at any school age from primary upwards.

Fact: Today most school library software is accessed through the cloud.
You are giving an unknown company and its employees access to your schools pupil data.
In addition to this if the internet is down at either end these systems will be unusable.

Peninsula QuickTrack Pro For Schools runs on your schools own computer and your data is secure within your building.
Your system is always up and running.

Import From Other School Library Systems

QuickTrack for Schools can import data from most other school library systems such as Junior Librarian.

This makes the task of moving to a lower cost library system much more achievable.
Our engineers are here to help you with this transition and can provide remote support via TeamViewer to help you get setup.

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