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Also Works With Windows PC's

Compatible with Windows, Macintosh OS9 and OSX and Linux straight from the box
Reads barcodes up to 80mm
Easy point and click or hands free operation
Reads direct to cursor position
Robust and Easy To Use
Reads all standard barcode types
No extras or drivers required
For use in industrial, retail, office and other applications
2 Year Warranty

• Retail
• Healthcare and Medical
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Office Automation
• Document Tracking
• Light Industrial
• Asset Tracking
• Item Tracking
• Library Applications
• Goods Receiving
• Goods Shipping

"Works With Every Application No Software Required"

Peninsula Phoenix II barcode scanners are ideal for use in every situation. They work with all applications straight out of the box.

Robust enough for light industrial but ergonomic enough for retail and office use, the Phoenix works well in every situation. It's ease of cleaning makes it ideal for healthcare and medical applications, and it's light weight make it ideal for repetitive use in applications such as Libraries, Asset and Item Tracking.

Below are just a few of the applications the Phoenix works with.

FileMaker Pro

The Phoenix integrates seamlessly with Filemaker, you can use it in Filemakers find mode to automatically initiate the searches with the Enter key (a feature not found on most barcode readers). You could also program it using the manual to automatically tab between fields or even trigger scripts at the start or end of a scan.


Make using Quickbooks easy, scan barcodes to instantly add item details to orders or sales invoices. You could also use barcodes on invoices using our other software to instantly look up invoices.

Microsoft Excel

Click in any cell and scan a barcode, to instantly enter the barcode number into that cell, use the Phoenix to instantly search your spreadsheets by scanning a barcode, automate existing spreadsheets using barcodes instead of manual entry and reduce errors.


Set up to tab beween fields the Phoenix II can instantly add items to sales by scanning a barcode..

Microsoft Word

Scan straight into any Microsoft Word document, enter data into tables, or simply scan straight into a file to use as a list

Microsoft Access

Scan straight into any Microsoft Access form, enter data into databases automatically, automatically run lookups and vb scripts simply by scanning a barcode

4th Dimension

The Phoenix II scans straight into any 4D input screen, automate your 4D application. You are only limited by your imagination

Other Applications

Wherever you can type, the Phoenix can scan, in this way you can automate thousands of applications with barcodes, enter forms in Explorer or Safari, create lists in Notes whatever you want to do, if you can scan it the Phoenix will do it..